I Can't Decide on What to Eat for Breakfast


It's that time of the week again when I write something short and off the cuff while I wait for my tea kettle to boil. This is about the difficulty of deciding between breakfast foods.

I can never seem to figure out what I want for breakfast in the morning. It’s the first great decision of the day that I have to make and it hangs over me like a flying fried egg that’s attached to a string like a kite. I could have that, a fried egg, or maybe, instead, I could go for a piece of toast (with the most!). I'd drape it over my back like James Brown’s cape and make it sparkle with sea salt. Otherwise, I could dive into a pool of Greek yogurt that's dotted with berries and nuts as buoys, but I think that almonds would sink. What about a frittata? Does anyone else want to wait with me and share a frittata? No? Ok. Screw it. I'll just fix a pot of oatmeal and get on with my day.

A self-portrait of me in the morning.