11 Mild-Yet-Flavorful Recipes to Please Your Spice-Intolerant Mother

I’ve really given my mother’s gastrointestinal system a run for its money over the past few years as I’ve experimented with spices and curries she was never exposed to while growing up in West Orange, New Jersey among a predominantly Italian and Jewish community. She’ll often suspiciously eye anything I cook that’s slightly redder than my dad’s marinara sauce and hold my gaze while she takes her first bite, as if to say, “Remember me as I was on the day that your food actually killed me.”

It’s fine, really. I take precautionary measures by ensuring there’s something white and starchy nearby to pillow the heat, and if that doesn’t work, I’m sure I could pat her on the head and pop an ice cube in her mouth like a Labrador on a beach in mid-July. But today is Mother’s Day, and I should go easy on her delicate palate since she endured enough pain when she gave birth to me.

... ......

Anyway, I love you mom. You’re the best mom I’ve ever known and I hope that I will have a denim shirt collection one day that’s as multifaceted as yours. You teach me what strength is in bits everyday and show me what it means to be a businesswoman who won’t sacrifice her vision or her morals for anyone else (especially not her husband). I hope that you and all of my dedicated readers who are moms have a sweet and mild Sunday with plenty of mimosas to keep your lips puckered beyond sundown.

Here are 11 of my favorite recipes that have actually entered my mom's mouth without causing her any pain or discomfort during or after the meal.

*Note: Omit the hot sauce/sambal oelek from the Chicken with Crispy Rice dish unless you're in search of just a little kick of heat. 

11 Mild-Yet-Flavorful Recipes to Please Your Spice-Intolerant Mother

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