Watch Justin Timberlake Learn How to Use a Cast Iron Skillet the Hard Way

You may not be familiar with Justin Timberlake's 2013 action thriller "TKO," but I sure am, and you're about to be if you stick around for the next few moments of your very purposeful life.

In this music video directed by Ryan Reichenfeld, who is known for "TKO" and not much else, Justin, Riley Keough, and her beautiful hair brood over their loveless relationship, both separately and as a conjoined entity, in their(?) open concept home.

Justin attempts to get intimate with Riley after her denim shorts dissolve beneath the weight of her dissatisfaction, but the action peters out at Phase 1 of its execution.

Did I mention that, all the while, Justin Timberlake is being pulled through the mud by a pickup truck? No? Don't worry. That's probably nothing. Let's move forward.

Riley and Justin's symbiotic resentment relocates to their kitchen, where Riley shoves Justin into their stainless steel refrigerator (probably Energy Star) as they fight about how he never listens when she instructs him to *tear* lettuce for salad rather than cutting it with a knife because she prefers the rustic outcome. Angry countertop sex ensues and they knock their mise en place bowls to the floor, which hopefully doesn't their floor if it's ceramic. 

Sometime in between Justin finishing and pulling up his zipper, Riley realizes that she can and never will get over the lettuce thing and that she'd be much happier spending her life with someone who doesn't insist on color coordinating his outfits with hers on a daily basis. At last, the cast iron skillet she bought on sale at Williams-Sonoma serves a purpose as, well, you'll see if you press play. The video will pick up at just the right time:

Case in point:

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Do you cut or tear your lettuce for salad?