My Very Single Kitchen Registry

The universe has shit on my plans to move out and relocate to the city enough times to the point where independent living seems like greater of a plea than marriage.

To Jon Hamm.

On Mars.

Daydreams of independent life continue to bloom in any vacant space that they can find despite such storms of defecation, scattering themselves amid dirty underwear that's displaced in the middle of the night by my sweet, sweet dog. I pluck them — daydreams, not underwear — like feathered dandelions and try to weave flower crowns before the wind sweeps them away until I'm left with a handful of stems.

I plant the fractions of these weeds in a wish list that I've titled "Home?" on my Amazon account. It's where I store every item that I want in my future kitchen, the place where a cutting board in a sandbox of zen and the knife is my rake. I figured that I would share my preliminary finds on here so that we can build my very best kitchen together. This post is probably the kind of mood-boarding that's supposed to happen on Pinterest, but I'm not basic, so deal.


Can't decide on whether I prefer white-bottomed ceramic skillets or the copper set.


Never will I ever accept defeat by buying a KitchenAid pasta maker accessory.

Sharp Objects

Don't bite the hand that feeds you because they probably have a knife at the ready.

Other Stuff

Everything but the kitchen sink.

Beverage Pretension

Liquids are very important to me.

Analyze & Discuss:

What am I missing besides an apartment?