Byte Me, Jacob Tremblay

I get angry with myself at times for not journaling every original thought, observation or poignant revelation that arises from staring into a mirror for too long because I wonder, "Well, could that have been a story?"

I calm down shortly thereafter upon remembering that, much like Aubrey Graham, my mental trigger fingers subconsciously turn to Twitter fingers several times throughout the day, and that I have an entire timeline of half-baked, nonsensical brain nuggets from which I can source whenever I so choose. Thus, I'll be starting a thing on my blerg where I take a prior tweet and use it as a prompt to create something greater than 140 characters. I'm bored with giving official titles to "features" on herebut I'll store them under the Bytes category because, you know—Internet + food.

Let's start off nice and light. An appetizer round, per se. Here's a tweet from Monday comparing Hollywood's JonBenét Ramsey and Karl Lagerfeld's prodigal son.

And now here they are, side-by-side. Have we every seen them in a Room together? I think not.

See that shit I put down? I dare you not to pick it up and spin on it until you're convinced.

Analyze & Discuss:

Are you more of a Jacob or more of a Hudson?