8 Celebrity Typos that I Almost Made in 2016, Vol. I

8 Celebrity Typos that I Almost Made in 2016, Vol. I

It's inevitable that my dexterity will fail me at some point during the forty hours per week in which I am a scribe for the Kardashian family archives. I am but human, and so are the Kardashians if we're referring to a variation on the word 'but'.

A recurring celebrity typo of mine is the Freudian slip of substituting 'BeyoncĂ©' for beyond, which is allegedly common among my co-workers. To this, I urge anyone reading with a Change.org account to file a petition to make these words official synonyms. However, I've noticed in the recent weeks that my brain is capable of making strange associations with other names, so I began taking screenshots of them. I feel that I've acquired enough by now to share with you Vol. I of The Olive Eye's Almost-Celebrity Typos.

1. That time I almost turned Leonardo DiCaprio into my Uncle Vinnie.

3. That time I almost regressed to childhood spelling in writing about Leo's conscious uncoupling from yet another model.

Note: This is partially untrue because I've had impeccable spelling since I signed my own adoption papers as an infant.

Note: I promise I don't only write about Leonardo DiCaprio. He was just popular during this particular week.

4. That time I was almost caught thinking about what Matthew Bomer's leather jacket line would be named.

5. I'm not gonna touch this one.

6. The time I almost butchered an idiomatic phrase.

Note: English is technically my second language!

7. The time that Liam Payne made me crave chocolate.

8. That time I'M SO SO SO SORRY

If you are interested in what else I do during these 40 hours beside f*ck up, check out my recent interview with Brad Goreski (crying guy from 'The Rachel Zoe Project'), my profile on Billy Eichner (Billy on the Street), or read chapters one and two of my lifestyle guide based on Britney Spears' Instagram account. Stay tuned as I also launch the Celebuzz podcast over this coming week!

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