Podcast 006: Chronic Bug Salad

A blizzard is upon us, so I decided it would be best to ease into Armageddon by recording another episode of my podcast with a mug of terrible mulled wine in hand. These putrid weather conditions remind me of college during Hurricane Sandy when I was trapped in my dorm with my friend Roytel for an entire weekend with nothing to eat except Halloween candy and sandwiches that met their demise without power or refrigeration. Thus, I was inspired to tackle a few of my most deplorable food memories in recent history in today's chat.

On this same topic, my dear friend Aisha suggested that I discuss a chronic issue with salad that I have now encountered on several occasions (once in her presence) at some point in my 'casting. Without spoiling too much, let's just say that I've come close to making this scene from The Lion King a virtual reality:

So let's have at it. Tune in below to listen to this episode about unfortunate lettuce-eating instances, plus a story about the worst catering option for a hurricane that was only survivable with help from Roytel and the writing of Mindy Kaling.

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Analyze & Discuss:

Is this recurring instance a sign from above that I should steer away from vegetarianism?