The Taylor Swift Theory® by Steve Lardiere

The following is an uncensored dialogue that occurred between "Sexy Steve" Lardiere and I this morning as a result of an innocent inquiry about work.

Steve: What's on the celebrity agenda today?

Mia: Who knows, probably something about Taylor Swift's concert. She brought out Lisa Kudrow and Justin Timberlake.

S: Taylor Swift will be dead by 35.

M: ... Do you mean her or her career?

S: Her. People with that much influence in pop culture are only meant to have a short period of greatness on earth before they die young.

M: ....

S:  But! If I had to listen to her music or Beyoncé's all day, I'd choose Taylor's.

"I don't care much for Beyoncé."

Analyze & Discuss:

Does my father deserve to be excommunicated for such a heretical remark?