D.I.Why Not Oven Mitt Buddiez!!

I totally ate five of these!! I mean, turn down for what!? 

I totally ate five of these!! I mean, turn down for what!? 

Hey guys!!
Lily Mamma here.

You might recognize me from Mia's post about my birthday party (How embarrassing!!)

When I noticed Mia blogging, I was all,

"Meeyuh. What the heck-uh.
I'm the lifestyle expert in this family. You so totez stole my lewk."

And she was all,

"Shut up and eat your string beans.
I'm trying to meditate and finish this essay and you're really throwing me off."

Anywayzzz, when she finally pulled the pasta maker from out of her butt, Mia remembered how good I am at doing Pinterest and asked me to be The Olive Eye's Officially Unofficial Pinterest Girl because she has this weird thing against it

(TBQH, I think it's because she kinda sucks at Pinning. Sorry, but like... not.)

all about me:

  • I'm good at basically everything because, duh, the internet. 
  • I live a #blessed life with my family in New Jersey, but I'm totally not like those Jersey girls you see on MTV.
  • I'm a gluten-free foodie on a low-carb journey towards a healthier lifestyle, but indulge on pasta and fro-yo every so often because a hard-working girl like me deserves a treat!!

things that i *love*:


"Fetch me my latte"

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Bow Down. 👑

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My mom!

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So the other day when I went to The Christmas Tree Shop for a large Mason jar to store my smaller Mason Jars, I saw these cute clampy oven mitts the perfect size for my lil' hands. 

On a giggly sugar rush from a cheat-day Frappuccino (Shut up you guys!! It was skim!! Maybe. LOL. Whatevz.), I put two green ones on and started chomping them at each other like alligators and was struck with Insta-Pinspiration.

See, I love to bake, but I'm so *over* the Martha Stewart mitts that my mom has from like, Kohls, so why not take matters into my **own hands*** (get it??) and make a pair of my own?

I was staring out the window for this contemplative snow day selfie when I remembered my impulse buy and thought, oh em gee...

What a perfect day to craft!!

All you need to make these oven mitt buddiez are plain oven mitts, wiggly eyes, and a glue gun or tacky glue. 

Glue the wiggly eyes on one side and then decorate them however you want!! I used a Sharpie to make them Mr. & Mrs. Mitt. 

My mom's so weird, you guys.

Can we talk?

what's, like, your favorite craft you ever made? mine were these monogrammed pens, but then i was like wait- i don't have thumbs! lol!! ugh, i'm such a mess.