The Lardrents Took A.C. & All We Got Were LED Mugs

Every so often, my mother will detach herself from her to-do list(s) and enjoy a trip away with my father.

This is a rare occasion—so rare that the supermoon is envious of its exclusivity. It's welcomed though, especially for those who are thrown in the wake of her pent up anxiety (i.e. Me, my father, and Judge Judy).

The Lardrents (Lardiere parents) left for Sexy Steve's Credit Union Convention® in Atlantic City at 11 a.m. on a Sunday and were drunk by 3 p.m.. My mother schmoozed her way into stealing a 4-piece set of LED-flashing beer glasses all while my father used key phrases like "core processor", "data", and "synergy".

I babysat the dog.

Here is my mother's textual stream-of-consciousness, saturated in Malibu Bay Breezes.

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Do u want a mug shirt travel cup expensive purse ????