This Is How My Dad Will Become a Viral Star

*Even though a mini series has already been inspired by him.

A casual conversation with my father in regards to potential birthday gifts developed into an unprecedented feel fest on drones and their impact on his psyche, and a resulting ah-ha moment that I might have the makings of a YouTube sensation within grasp*.

Before proceeding,

please be reminded that my dad once looked like Groucho Marx:

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STEPHEN: If I had a drone flying over my house, I'd be like, "Fuck that. Fuck you drones." I'd throw stones at it until it went away.

ME: *Chokes on own laughter*

S: What? I'm serious. I don't want drones watching me.

M: Sure, but then our neighbors would gather around our yard to watch Old Man Lardiere throw stones and curse out a drone.

S: Well I guess your right. [Contemplative beat] Then I'd probably have ten other drones swarming to take videos of me throwing rocks at the sky.

M: You could become a YouTube star.

S: No, no. I don't think I'd want that either.

Bonus Item:

My father is also a celebrity fashion critic.

Analyze & Discuss:

Would a Steve x Drake mashup of this imagined drone video and the "Hotline Bling" music video make for greater viral content? Also—who has a drone that I could borrow?