Carrot Muffcakes with Greek Yogurt Frosting

Carrot Muffcakes with Greek Yogurt Frosting

Maturity is celebrating the favorite child's birthday without resentment

(even though she may be a hairy "gluten-free" bitch.)

This week marked a milestone birthday in the life of the golden child; our Bichon Frise,

Lily Mamma-Poochie-Baby Lardiere. 

Throughout her decade on Earth, she has #blessed us with her presence in glorious moments such as these:

Bow Down. 👑

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"Fetch me my latte"

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Lily is having jealousy issues

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Despite the fact that she has a substantially larger stake in my mother's will, our identical upper lip hair density and large black eyes bind undeniably as soul sisters for life.

Ruined the family photo. Honest to goodness, this was not staged. #inthismomentiswearwewereinfinite

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I decided to take the high road and make treats for her birthday that we all could enjoy. Lily was recently put on a low-carb, veggie-dense diet after the vet 'embarrassed her’ during a routine check-up ‘announcing rudely' that she 'no longer has a visible waistline.’


"It's not her fault that her mother was a big girl.

She can't help that she likes to nosh."

-Lisa Lardiere


Lily's *SkinnyGirl* snack options now include baby carrots, string beansapples, and cottage cheese.

Without resorting to a gross iteration of pot pie, the best thing that I could come up with that would incorporate these ingredients was  Carrot Muffcakes iced with Greek Yogurt Frosting.

Most recipes for carrot cake call for raisins to be mixed into the batter, but those shriveled-up hags top the list of foods that can be deadly if ingested by dogs. Thus, I chose to only garnish the humans' cakes with some raisins atop the icing.

Lily is also allergic to wheat (#bougie), so I used gluten-free oat flour which can either be purchased for a ridiculously expensive price at a designer health food store near you, or simply made at home by pulverizing oatmeal in a food processor until chalky, like regular flour. 

Take note that the frosting recipe calls for the Greek yogurt to sweat in the refrigerator overnight to develop a cream cheese consistency. Be sure to budget enough prep time to accommodate your yogurt's cold sweats.

Lily's Birthday-14 copy copy.jpg

Fun Fact:

I have an irrational phobia of gauze and gauze-like materials.


Maturity is also working through your phobias to handle cheesecloth and then subsequently edit photos of said cheesecloth to give your dog the happiest birthday celebration possible.



Before I pass you my recipe for that special ~GF Gurl~ in your life, let me fill you in on the two #TIFU's  from my baking experience.



So the limited options I was left with were Christmas, Halloween, and two Minnie Mouse cupcake liners.

 I decided to stick with the minimalist approach and forego them altogether. 

It's all about the mise-en-place, man.



How do I manage to self-sabotage through over-precautionary measures? 

It was my wise idea to seal this opened bag of coconut flakes in plastic bag, and then stuff it inside of an air-tight container. Little did I know this would create a ship-in-a-bottle effect, requiring a butter knife and rudimentary physics to access my ingredients.

Hence, The Worst.


Anywho, here are printable recipe cards for Gluten-Free/Dog-Friendly Carrot Muffcakes with Greek Yogurt Frosting. Simply right-click or CTRL-Click to 'Save As Image', or Pin It to spread my efforts in creating a Yogurt Sweat Revolution on Pinterest.


Also, be sure to tag @TheOliveEye on Instagram when you test out these treats for yourself because, after all,


pix or it doesn't count.


what event in my past life could have triggered a gauze phobia?

(no, srsly guys. plz help. :\ )



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