is a New York-based writer and multimedia content producer currently working on Cosmopolitan's Snapchat Discover team as an editor among a powerhouse of young designers. She ideates concepts for shareable content seen and distributed by over 11 million unique viewers per day and, which include articles, short videos, and insanely adorable graphics like this brain on a mental vacation. Mia is also a regular contributor to the humorous lifestyle site Man Repeller. You can check out some of her pieces here. Previously, she produced and hosted a podcast called Celebuzz’d during her time at Celebuzz as an editor and multimedia producer. You can check out her celebrity interviews here.

Mia received a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College with a concentration in screenwriting and Italian. She also created, directed, and produced a mini series called Little Investments as her senior thesis that you can watch on Funny Or Die. This is her blog, where she cooks, shares thoughts about food, and elaborates on parboiled thoughts that couldn’t adequately be covered in 140 characters on Twitter or in an Instagram caption.

Other in Mia’s life thus far include receiving a haiku poem from Alec Baldwin, sitting on Fabio’s lap, and talking to Billy Eichner about Joan Rivers. One day, she'll host a variety-talk-cooking show and chest-bump with Ina Garten


Wait, but why is your blog called 'The Olive Eye'?

When Mia was a baby, she had disproportionately large peepers that resembled black olives. Her family gave me — I mean her  the nickname 'Olive Eyes' so that she wouldn't develop a Bratz Doll complex later in life. She's grown into her eyes for the most part, except when she occasionally sleeps with them open on vehicles of public transit.